October Grief Retreat

Weekend Grief Retreat in Nyack, NY: October 7-8  -POSTPONED


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~ Be accepted and supported in whatever sadness you may be feeling, without storytelling, coaching, or advice

~ Feel how supporting and witnessing others can be healing for both parties

~ Experience the de-pressurizing, transformative power of expressing grief

~ Share sacred, safe space with authentic community

~ Learn new language and tools to deal productively with grief in all its forms

Whether we’re dealing with bereavement, disappointment, shame, or outrage, we need a place to go with our grief.

In many cultures all over the world (and for many centuries even here in the West), grief was a public event that involved the entire community and gave everyone a chance to express themselves and share the burden.  As time has passed, we’ve become increasingly isolated in our sorrows. When experiencing pain, fear, or a broken heart, we tend to be tidy and “brave” in front of others. Most of us carry hurts and shadows that seem like too much to share or talk about, or even to allow ourselves to feel fully.  

Let’s gather to create a safe, sacred space – a village – for our sadness. When our full expression is not only allowed but as encouraged as it is in some tribal cultures still today, we can connect authentically and fully with each other. We may even find some insight and grace simply by honoring what is already true, and make a little more space in our lives for joy. 

The whole you is welcome here, even your resistance and doubt. Whether your hurts are fresh or decades old, you may find solace and a deep breath in our circle.  Please bring all of you to this village.

In our weekend together this October, we will create sacred space, receive gentle teachings, bear witness, drum, and sing. We’ll have ample opportunity to encounter and release pent up energies, and experience some relief from the work of restraining them. We will spend time outside, connect with each other, and share meals. 

We will not be told how to be or how to “fix” anything, because nothing about us is broken. 

If what you’ve read so far is calling you, please give yourself the gift of signing up.  Thank you for being part of my village.  I hope you’ll join us in October.



Please stay in touch with me for the new dates.

Kateri Lodge at Marydell Faith and Life Center
640 North Midland Ave, Nyack NY

$155 (Register below)

Includes two meals (potluck lunch on Saturday), snacks, tea, all activities.


This is not therapy or a support group and the weekend may include strong emotions – please use your best judgment about whether this is appropriate for you at this time.


A list of what to bring and how to prepare will be sent prior to the event. If you have any questions or particular concerns, please ask me anytime. 



ps: If you live in the Nyack area and have an extra bedroom you’re willing to share with out-of-town folks, please send me a note. It would be lovely to make this event accessible to everyone who’d like to join us.